Where is the Italian Riviera [clear map included]

where is the italian riviera

The Italian Riviera is a beautiful destination between the Maritime Alps and the Mediterranean Sea and this unique position with varied nature makes it one of the most beautiful Italian regions.

There is a lot of talk about the Italian Riviera and often you can see amazing photos of it. But where exactly is this wonderful region and which resorts it includes?

In this article you will discover everything you need to know to start planning a trip to this paradise of land and sea.

What is the Italian Riviera?

The Italian Riviera is a strip of land  with uncontaminated beaches with crystal clear waters, breathtaking views, houses perched on the coast or in the mountains, timeless castles and amazing food made of local healthy and tasty ingredients.


The Italian Riviera has become famous since the 1800s when writers and poets from all over the world began to write about the wonders of this land.

Giovanni Ruffini wrote “Il Dottor Antonio”, set in Bordighera. The novel had great success in England and from that moment the Italian Riviera became a popular destination for English and European nobility.

Impressionist painters such as Claude Monet were also amazed by the beauty of the landscapes and portrayed them in many works of art that are now kept in the most important museums around the world.

But nature is not the only thing that has enchanted all these celebrities over the years.

The Italian Riviera is a destination that satisfies travelers of all kinds and fulfills all desires: Spectacular walks on the sea or in the mountains, social life at the rhythm of music in Sanremo, carefree shopping at the Ventimiglia market, the beaches of Bordighera where you can have fun with friends or relax in good company, dozens of botanical gardens where to get lost and much more.

italian riviera view

With sport, fun, food & wine and many other things to try in the Italian Riviera there is always an unexpected discovery.

During the summer Liguria is really popular and you will find many travelers from all over the world and Italians on vacation also. Most travelers during the summer like to spend their days on the beach and in the coastal cities.

But Italian Riviera is a region to visit all year round and every month there is always something to do and see.

It rarely rains and the climate is mild even in winter: during the low season it is very easy to move around and explore Liguria far and wide.

Where is the Italian Riviera?

Now that you have an idea of ​​what you’ll find in the Italian Riviera I’ll explain to you exactly where this beautiful destination is.

The Italian Riviera is the northwest coast of the Italian peninsula and is in the Liguria region. It is set between the border with France, the one everyone knows as the French Riviera, and Tuscany. It faces the Ligurian Sea in all its length.


The Italian Riviera is normally divided into two parts: the western part of Genoa is the “Riviera di Ponente”, ideal for all types of stays, long or short, and for those who may also want to visit the French Riviera.

The eastern part of Genoa, on the other hand, is the “Riviera di Levante”, which includes the Cinque Terre, ideal for shorter stays.

Reaching the Italian Riviera is quite simple from all over Italy and beyond.

All locations can be reached in a couple of hours by car or train from the big cities of northern Italy, such as Milan and Turin.

A convenient railway line to run throughout the region with one stop in each city.


The Italian Riviera is served by two airports: Genoa airport and Nice International Airport that has connections with the most important cities in the world.

The most popular resort to stay in the Italian Riviera are Bordighera, Sanremo, Alassio, Santa Margherita, Sestri Levante and the Cinque Terre.

From these cities you can move easily to discover the other hidden gems both on the sea and inland.


Thanks to this information you will now know where is the Italian Riviera and why it is so popular.

Every corner of this extraordinary region will leave you breathless and be sure that you will bring Memorable memories home with you.

Did you find what you were looking for? Did I miss something? Are you planning a trip to the Italian Riviera?

Write it in the comments and share with us and other readers your ideas!

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