What to do in Liguria: 12 Adrenaline Adventures


Around the world, between locations with high-sounding names, have created vast tourist areas, real temples of fun.

They had huge spaces.

So they have erected skyscrapers, amusement parks and even artificial islands over the sea.

We were in Liguria. Here our amusement parks we have taken them where nature has given us the space: on a ridge of rock, in dark caves, through long and mysterious canyons and on the wings of the wind.

With the help of some friends I went look for all the attractions of this park that is Liguria. I began to draw the map that will guide you to electrizing experiences.

In this post I’ll show you how on the Ligurian Riviera, a quiet mid-summer morning can turn into an unforgettable adventure.

Hold on Tight!

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I chose to first put this amazing sport for the adrenaline rush it gives.

At least as far as I’m concerned, since I suffer from heights!

Well yes, the Ligurian Riviera offers several launching points for those who want to experience the thrill of flying with paragliding.

The mild climate and the often favorable weather allow you to launch all year round. The panorama that you can see from up there, between Sky and sea, will leave you breathless!

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Mountain Biking

Liguria has been a few years considered one of the world capitals of Mountain biking, so that in Finale Ligure takes place one of the stages of the World Cup.

In addition to the professionals, the Ligurian Riviera is also frequented by enthusiasts from all over the world.

Many sportsmen prefer Dolceacqua as an ideal destination for Mountain biking. The reasons are different:

  • The tracks are less trafficked and surrounded by unspoilt nature
  • is a less inflationary destination
  • There are technically more enjoyable routes
  • It is only 30 minutes from Nice International Airport

To better understand what I’m talking about take a look at this video.

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Canyoning is a sport that manages to immerse you in an untouched and beautiful nature, the mysterious and forgotten of the streams of Liguria.

Just wear the equipment and follow the advice of the expert guides to live an exhilarating experience, a pleasant and intoxiant sensation.

In Liguria You can start practicing this discipline from late spring until the whole month of September.

The paths to choose are Innummerevoli.

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Kite surfing

Liguria is not famous for the constant winds that are looking for kitesurfing enthusiasts.

But don’t worry!

If you’re looking for the wind, and you want it right away, you can go to the French Riviera locations where the wind blows much more frequently.

The closest is Hieres.

But the perfect location, even for beginners, is beauduc.

In Beauduc you will have a wonderful sandy beach, close to the nice places of the Camargue, such as Arles and Saint Marie de la Mer.

The best kitesurfing schools in the area organize trips both on weekends and during the week.

What you take home will be so much fun, new friends and passion for an amazing sport.

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Unlike kitesurfing, windsurfing needs a lot less wind.

In Liguria, in fact, there are more easily windsurfing schools with courses suitable for both adults and children.

In Bordighera, for example, the Windsurf school “No Stress Team” organizes very often exits at the first light of dawn.

You can go with the instructors in search of the “thermal”, a current of air that descends from the Val Nervia and fills the sail.

Returning eastwards he admires as the majestic sun rises from the promontory of Sanremo.

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Liguria is a diving paradise.

Fans of this sport dive 365 days a year. Space for the Ligurian Riviera can admire always new seabed.

Dozens of schools throughout Liguria organise paths for beginners. It begins with the so-called “Baptism of the sea” to reach the most advanced courses.

If you are an expert, in Riviera you will find everything you need to go down again in the Big blue!

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All right, sailing is not in itself an adrenalin-pumping sport.

Let’s say it can become based on the conditions of the sea.

I wanted to insert it because like all the other disciplines related to the wind always excites me.

In Liguria You can easily find both the small sailing club to practice with a laser, and a cabin for the whole week end.

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Discover how to enjoy the Great Riviera

In recent years I have helped hundreds of travelers to discover the best of Western Liguria and to feel at home.
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    Go Kart

    Go Kart is one of those easy, undemanding and entertaining activities that also involve the whole family.

    In Riviera to spend an afternoon alternative on board these small cars just go up to Arma di Taggia: Just off the highway awaits the track “Gli Oleandri”.

    You can do half an hour of free practice or even organize a grand prix with friends, up to 20 people!

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    A healthy day of sports, laughter and fun is assured if you choose to organize a Paintball session with your friends.

    The territory of the Ligurian Riviera offers an ideal scenario for this “simulated war”. Nature here, is full of insidious passages where to strive deadly ambushing the enemy!

    The guys who have started organizing this activity in an innovative way also recommend it for:

    • Hen
    • Bachelor party
    • Corporate Team Building

    In all three cases, if you miss a player, I am at your disposal!

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    Speleology can be a very adrenaline-pumping activity for a beginner who first falls into a cave.

    For a more experienced speleologist, however, it is the most relaxing activity in the world.

    Discovering the majestic architecture of the caves of the Ligurian hinterland is, in any case, a particular emotion.

    Our land is full of caves and underground itineraries with different difficulties: exploring a cave can also be a fantastic way to spend a different day with your family or friends.

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    After Canyoning another way to live our streams is Rafting in all its forms:

    • Traditional Rafting
    • Kayaking Rafting
    • Canoe Rafting
    • Tubing

    Regardless of the medium you use to jump into the rapids of the river, you’ll have a day to remember.

    All the associations that organize Rafting also make generous photographic services included in the price. You can publish lots of photos of your unexpected adventures on the Riviera!

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    Adventure Park

    The Adventure Park is a fun idea to spend a pleasant day with the family in the midst of nature.

    Immerse yourself in the charm of the Maritime Alps and jump from one tree to another in complete safety and enjoyment.

    It is perfect to integrate into the adventure park, in the same day, a walk through our trails, a wine tasting or another fun activity like paintball!

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    We have reached the end of this long journey through the most exciting, unforgettable and daring adventures that you can experience in the Ligurian Riviera.

    Some activities you can book as soon as you have finished reading these lines.

    For others you will have to wait, dreamy, the arrival of spring.

    But one thing is sure: that it is summer or that it is winter, in Riviera the emotions are not lacking!

    If you have already experienced any of these activities I hope to read your testimony of the comments.

    If you have experienced others that I forgot to mention, please report it to me. I’ll add it quoting the source, of course!

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