Vargotti is a town in the city of Finale Ligure , and is known by all as the Borgo Saraceno of Liguria.

Just look at a photo of its landscape, of its low pastel-colored houses next to each other neatly lined up on the beach, to immediately realize how special this place is, compared to the other wonderful places in Liguria.

The appearance of this village is certainly not a coincidence: over the centuries it was lived by the Romans, the Lombards and conquered several times by the Saracen pirates.

Varigotti centro

Today many VIPs and famous people choose Varigotti for their holidays. Surely for the beauty of the place, but also because Varigotti appears a bit like a “happy island”, reserved, a small refuge away from worldly life.

Here the pace of life slows down. If you pass through these parts, let yourself be intrigued by the elegant and narrow streets of the center, the squares and of course the relaxed atmosphere that you experience on the beach: a day working gently on your tan, between one bath and another, in the clean and crystalline waters. of the Bay of the Saracens.

What to see in Varigotti

WHO chooses Varigotti as a holiday destination is usually looking for relaxation on the beach and some good seaside restaurants.

To go to the discovery of the territory, of this magnificent village and its points of interest, here are some useful indications.

The beach houses

Varigotti case sulla spiaggia

The beach houses are to be officially included in the list of points of interest to visit in Varigotti.

The bright colors of their facades in contrast to the green hills of the surroundings and the blue of the sky offer a unique panorama in Liguria.

This is undoubtedly the most photographed spot in the whole city.

Ancient Church of San Lorenzo


In Varigotti, the Ancient Church of San Lorenzo is undoubtedly worth a visit, which stands right next to the cliff of Capo Noli.

An important Benedictine settlement once stood here.

After years of neglect, in the nineties the church was restored and made accessible to the public.

In this church are still visible elements of the primitive medieval structure as well as elements of the Byzantine age. The interior of the church is bare of decorations but it is very interesting to visit it inside because you can clearly see elements from very different eras.

Sentiero del Pellegrino

sentiero del pellegrino varigotti

For hiking lovers of the walks it might be a fun option to go explore the Pilgrim’s Path to Noli.

The entrance to the path is located in via strada vecchia and is well signposted.

This non-binding walk will give you the intoxicating scents of the Mediterranean scrub and an extraordinary view of the Ligurian Sea.

You will enjoy a beautiful view of Punta Carena and the Saracens Bay. Perfect for taking pictures of your holidays.

Grotta dei Falsari

grotta dei falsari Varigotti

If you have decided to take a walk along the Pilgrim’s Path, it is definitely worth going to the forgers ‘cave, also known as the Brigands’ cave.

This marvelous cave is like an open window on the Mediterranean and offers an incomparable view.

If you are a lover of photographs and expecting panoramas, the ideal would be to visit it at sunrise or sunset.

The Saracen Tower and the Castle

torre saracena varigotti

Even varigotti like many other places in Liguria to submit to the Saracen.
To visit it, where to look for yourself on the promontory of punta carena Through an undemanding path.
Along the way you can also admire the ruins of the ancient castle.

Beaches of Varigotti

Spiagge di Varigotti

Apart from a few points of particular interest that offer beautiful views to photograph, the beaches are the real attraction of Varigotti.

Here is the list of beaches not to be missed!

Varigotti beach

Spiaggia di Varigotti

The Varigotti beach is the most fascinating and the most intimate of the entire Finale coast.

If you are looking for the VIPs and famous people sunbathing this is probably where you need to look for them.

Varigotti beach is a sandy beach but with some small round pebbles. The seabed is quite steep and therefore not suitable for inexperienced swimmers.

The coast here is divided between stretches of free beach and stretches of beach equipped with sun beds and umbrellas.

Bay of Saracens

baia dei saraceni

The Baia dei Saraceni is undoubtedly one of the best beaches in Liguria and is a must during your stay in Varigotti.

Both the Baia dei Saraceni and the Malpasso beach are in the stretch between Punta Crena and Capo Noli.

This beach is also made up of sand mixed with round pebbles. Its charm, as well as for its clear waters, is due to the surrounding green nature and wild aspect.

Easy to reach, the Via Aurelia passes right behind the beach.

Malpasso beach

Spiaggia del Malpasso Varigotti

Going towards Noli, after the tunnel, in addition to the bay of the Saracens, you will also find Malpasso.

Malpasso is a popular and popular place during the summer but the beach never gives the idea of being crowded, perhaps due to its size.

In the evening the sun colors the rocks pink and in the sea you can see silver flashes of fish and occasionally the leaps of dolphins in the distance. It is certainly the best time to enjoy this wonderful corner.

The beach is “free-equipped”: you pay the entrance ticket and you can rent sunbeds and umbrellas. There are cabins and showers, a small bar available to bathers.

Punta Crena beach

Punta Crena

Punta Crena beach is also included among the best sandy beaches in Liguria and is worth a visit.

This small beach was formed over the centuries by the erosion of the rock and is set in a hidden corner of the coast.

Punta Crena is very suggestive but also difficult to reach: you can follow a path that descends from the promontory or, alternatively, reach it by swimming perhaps with the help of a mat or a pedal boat.

Where sleeping in Varigotti

Although Varigotti is a well-known tourist resort it is very popular, staying in this small village may not be very simple.

In Varigotti the offer of Hotels and B & Bs is quite limited.

To sleep here it is advisable to book a few months in advance especially for the summer period.

However, you can count on the offer of the entire Finale area and its surroundings, which is definitely rich in hotel solutions.

How to get to Varigotti

Reaching Varigotti is very simple.

Along the A10, the Genoa-Ventimiglia motorway, there is the Finale Ligure exit. From the toll booth, in a few minutes, you can reach all the towns in the Finale area, including Varigotti.

The train is just as comfortable. Virtually all trains on the Genoa-Ventimiglia line stop in Finale Ligure and the station is in the city center.

The nearest airport is the Genoa airport.

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