21 towns and cities of Liguria for an unforgettable holiday

Where to spend your holidays in Liguria? With this guide you will discover which are the best towns and cities of Liguria for an unforgettable holiday.


Liguria is a land full of beautiful places to visit, live and explore. Many villages and towns that have very different characteristics and attractions.

If you take a look at the map of Liguria you will realize that it is really difficult to choose a place to visit, especially if it is the first time you come here.

If you then have to create an itinerary to travel with your family or friends, there is a real embarrassment of choice!

There are very famous places that you can visit in a day. The are also more hidden and interesting corners that you will take days to discover.

So, what are the cities of Liguria ideal for your holidays?

If you’re asking yourself this question you’re in the right place! I finally decided to create a mini-guide to help travelers explore Liguria in order not to miss the best that this region can give.

With this guide you will know exactly which are the places of Liguria that deserve to be included in your travel itinerary and, when you have finished the article, you will be able to have a complete picture of all that Liguria has to offer and all the fantastic 22 City of Liguria for an unforgettable holiday.

Are you ready? Let’s start

Riviera di Ponente



Bordighera is a city of Liguria Ponente not to be missed: beautiful and elegant Bordighera is also known as Perla del Ponente Ligure.

Its strategic location, just 20 minutes from Nice airport, makes it the perfect destination to spend a week or two discovering the western Ligurian and Côte d’azur.

Bordighera offers a lot to its visitors: spotless Sea, excellent restaurants of every price range but especially the breathtaking sunsets especially in winter.

Once visited it is easy to understand why it is said that the famous artist Claude Monet, who lived in this city, fell madly in love with it!

Besides the naturalistic shows, another thing not to be missed is the extraordinary hinterland with medieval villages, perfect for lovers of history, art and culture.



In the hinterland of Bordighera, between the Ligurian mountains there is an ancient principality. Seborga is a unique place to breathe an atmosphere of other times, a real little world with its traditions, its own prince and even its own coin.

Its historical center is rich in history and churches that represent real small architectural jewels such as the parish church of St. Martin and its splendid baroque façade.

Another reason to visit Seborga? Definitely the beautiful view on Monte Carlo from a very unique perspective and its surrounding nature.

Seborga, in fact, has a deeply rural soul linked to its land rich in olive trees that surround the principality. Although much loved by tourists, intrigued by the history of this city, Seborga remains true to itself, preserving its roots and traditions that make it so different from other cities.



Beloved by Prince Albert of Monaco, Dolceacqua is also located in the hinterland of Bordighera.

A visit to Dolceacqua from the possibility of getting down in atmospheres of other times thanks to the extraordinary medieval village with castle of the Doria. But there’s more than this! Its beautiful botanical gardens and its old Romanesque bridge enriches the surrounding scenery, made of ancient constructions and nature, creating fairy-tale glimpses.

The famous painter Monet, deeply fascinated by the Ligurian scenery, found in Dolceacqua the subjects for many of his paintings. If a day in Dolceacqua can be enough to explore the small but rich center, not to be missed is certainly the opportunity to use it as a starting point to visit the other 10 medieval villages that surround it.

A tour to Borghi not only offers the opportunity to really immerse yourself in the local history but it is also a way to get out of the usual tourist itineraries and discover hidden gems unknown to the most.



Apricale is a small gem hidden in the hinterland of Bordighera that reserves a few surprises to its visitors.

A charming medieval village, Apricale is a quiet and suggestive city for a different excursion from the common one.

Already its name, which means exposed to the sun, loads the city of charm and makes us understand its main characteristic: thanks to its strategic position, when kissed by the sun, it creates beautiful effects of colors and reflections really breathtaking.

Although small, its main square is often a place of events and demonstrations related to local traditions while, the castle of the Lizard and the theatre of cough are the main attractions related to the culture and history that make, even today, Apricale The city most loved by the artists.



Per gli amanti del mistero, del folklore e della magia Triora è sicuramente il luogo ideale. Uno dei più borghi più belli d’Italia, la sua storia ha antiche radici e la città è stata teatro di pagine di storia anche piuttosto buie e oscure.

Triora, infatti, nel 1500 è stata teatro di una caccia alle streghe che portò all’inquisizione di ben 20 donne accusate di stregoneria e di aver, con le proprie arti magiche, causato carestie.

Oggi è possibile sia visitare il Museo etnografico e della stregoneria di Triora che esplorare il Monte della Forca, dove le streghe trovavano la morte ma anche La Cabotina, luogo in cui le streghe facevano rituali e offerte al diavoli. Insomma, se avete gusti un po’ dark e vi affascina la stregoneria e la sua storia, Triora è perfetta per un viaggio alla scoperta del mistero ma anche di alcune delle pagine più tristi della storia della città.

Il periodo perfetto per una visita? Halloween, ovviamente!



Sanremo is certainly the most famous city of Liguria on the list as well as the largest!

The capital of Italian music, where every year the famous Italian song festival is held, it is also known as the City of flowers for its beautiful variety of carnations, roses and so green that makes it a fantastic spectacle for the eyes.

Sanremo is one of the cities on the list that most offers its visitors entertainment and attractions closer to those of the Côte d’azur with the presence of luxury hotels, casinos and shopping signed for a carefree and enjoyable holiday.

It is not very well known, however, that Sanremo also has a more historical and ancient soul: The Pigna, the ancient village of the city that was used for defensive purposes.

A gem when you are in Sanremo is that of whale watching with organized tours to spot cetaceans in the Ligurian sea.



Alassio is a Liguria country famous for its beaches, its sea but also its movida and its shopping.
Its proximity to Sanremo and bring has made what was a fishing village a pearl sought where to retire for holidays less chaotic than those offered by other destinations but equally interesting.

Although known mainly for its beaches and its promenade, of course, like all the other beautiful cities of Liguria present on the list, Alassio also has small cultural and artistic gems to offer to its visitors.

First of all? The famous Muretto di Alassio, where every year the annual beauty pageant is held.
Wide space also to the history with its churches and the Saracen Tower Bastion which, from the sixteenth century dominates from the high village.

In short, Alassio is the perfect destination for a holiday made of relaxation, sea and fun.



Noli is a perfect town for a short stay such as a weekend by the sea. This is a town in western Liguria, 30 km from Savona, which focuses everything on its nature of greenery, sea and beaches to the many outdoor activities you can experience to really grasp the heart of this land.

What makes Noli so fascinating is the fact that it is a marine village with a deep tradition linked to the maritime republics and to keep still today, despite having become a very famous summer tourist destination of the Ligurian coast, its typicality and Beauty.

Its many naturalistic paths like the Pilgrim’s path and its coves that surround the coast, are perfect ideas for a holiday that becomes a perfect mix between relaxation and adventure.

Riviera di Levante



This small village of Liguria Levante is a corner of paradise for lovers of sea stays and relaxation.

Its characteristic are the colourful picturesque constructions that, looking out over the sea, create glimpses of postcard for their swimmers that, every year, are more and more numerous.

A short stay in Camogli however, it can become the perfect escape from the cities or the ideal excursion for a different day out with little gems all to discover such as Castel Dragone or the Abbey of San Fruttuoso that stands by the sea in a cove Reachable only on foot or by sea.

If you are fond of scuba diving not to be missed is the Cristo degli abysses, a bronze statue that can be admired at 15 meters of depth.

Camogli is not directly accessible on the highway. You can choose between the train with the Pisa-La Spezia Genoa line, or the car reaching one of the nearby towns such as Ruta.

San Fruttuoso

San Fruttuoso

Between Portofino and Camogli is San Fruttuoso, a small bay reachable only on foot or by sea and that houses a charming abbey right on the beach.

A trip to discover San Fruttuoso is a unique experience to be able to live a peaceful, relaxing and almost untouched scenery where the sea and nature are the undisputed protagonists.

All around the abbey, the complex of San Fruttuoso of Capodimonte, and the bay the regional Park of Portofino frames Green The scenery for a perfect mix between sea and mountains.

Its history has ancient origins and full of fascinating legends still today and that load the place of magic and mystery.

Arrival by sea is certainly the most suggestive choice to admire the bay from a unique perspective with the colors of the buildings which, reflecting on the sea, create a photo-proof show!



Portofino is a real pearl of Liguria, a fishing village that has become with the years homeland of VIP, luxury and fabulous yacht that many flock to its port.

Although small, it is perfect for a small stay, Portofino knows how to surprise thanks to its striking pastel-coloured houses, its small port, collected and characteristic but also thanks to the rich presence of greenery and history to discover.

If the marina and its nearby streets are full of shops and restaurants where you spend a few hours of carefree and shopping, the heart of Portofino resides in the walks to its promontory that make discover churches and buildings from ancient history Like the XV century Brown Castle and the lighthouse of Punta Capo for truly breathtaking views.

Currently Portofino is reachable only through the paths naturalists, as regards the options by land, otherwise by sea from the ports of the neighboring cities.

Santa Margherita Ligure

Santa Margherita

Between Portofino and Rapallo we find Santa Margherita Ligure , another Ligurian pearl to be experienced. Known for its sea and its nature rich in maritime pines and olive groves to this day is one of the favourite destinations among all those who intend to make a Liguria holiday of luxury and refinement.

Santa Margherita Ligure is in fact rich in luxury hotels, bathing establishments and noble houses but, even if it became tourist, it still points much on its artisan roots with a production of lace and macramé still very firm nowadays.

Obviously, the strong tourist flow and the presence of a consolidated jet set makes Santa Margherita Ligure every year a stage of important events and exhibitions of art and culture.

Another thing to try is the typical Ligurian cuisine, thanks to the many restaurants where you can taste local foods like the famous red prawns.

Sestri Levante


In the heart of Liguria Levante rises Sestri Levante, a small but charming seaside town and ideal for a relaxing weekend.

The city is famous throughout Italy for its many cultural events that take place throughout the year but also for its nature. From the historical center, for example, a walk leads to the top of the beautiful Punta Manara, for a view of the Gulf really not to be missed as well as an excursion to the rocche of Sant’Anna or a quieter one through the streets of the city exploring its beauties, its suggestive Churches like that of San Nicolò and that of the Capuchin friars.

One of the most interesting things to discover about the place are the local traditions between flavours and crafts with its old roots that offer the opportunity to appreciate this land in a unique way.

As already anticipated Sestri Levante is also a seaside town that, with its two bays, offers picturesque and peculiar places with its colourful houses on the sea and crystal clear water. A haven for lovers of relaxation!

Cinque Terre

Riviera di Levante

The Cinque Terre need no introduction as they are among the most famous tourist destinations in Italy.

It is a conglomerate of small villages that are located along Liguria Ponente each with its particular beauty all to discover. Each of these villages can be visited even in one day and are therefore perfect for a trip on the road or for small day trips.

The most convenient and convenient way to visit the Cinque Terre is to rely on the railway network optimizing the Times but also parking, big problem in this area.

Let’s see now, more in detail, to discover something more about each of the Cinque Terre.


Monterosso is the largest and oldest village in the Cinque Terre. Divided into a new area and an older one, Monterosso focuses on its big beach and the nightlife that offers entertainment for all tastes just a stone’s throw from the sea.

Among its main cultural and historical attractions are the Gothic church of St. John the Baptist, the Aurora Tower and the sculpture of the Giant.


Riomaggiore, compared to other lands, offers more ideas for a cultural excursion with its ancient churches to visit such as that of St. John the Baptist but also for its castle, a fascinating place for its history but also for the romantic atmosphere that you can Live from his terrace.


Vernazza is the most famous village (and the most photographed!) of the Cinque Terre.

Its peculiarity and its charm lies in the colourful houses that surround the small marina and its two beaches. For those who want to immerse themselves in the local history and the ancient roots of Vernazza can visit the tower of Belforte, symbol of Vernazza and the castle of Doria.


Corniglia is the only one of the Cinque Terre not to have a marina.

Its historical center is concentrated and also, in pure style from Borgo delle Cinque Terre, characterized by coloured constructions that break the surrounding vegetation for a very suggestive spectacle.

The great Gothic church of St. Peter is definitely worth seeing.


Manarola is also very famous and focuses on the particularity of its constructions overlooking the sea.

Although beautiful in the summer months, but when it becomes a crowded destination of tourists and bathers, Manarola is famous for its crib, the largest in the world, which is inaugurated every year on December 8 and remains open to the public until the end of January.

Porto Venere

porto venere

Porto Venere, although often confused as one of the Cinque Terre, is a beautiful and complete Hamlet to visit.

Caves, islands, ancient ruins, the Cagliari a mare and the mills are just some of its attractions that make it a perfect place for both a day at the seaside but also for a few cultural hours retracing its historical ancient traces.



Lerici is a pearl in the heart of Liguria Levante. Set in a natural cove, Lerici is perfect for a day of nature, the sea but also for those who want to discover its millenary history that has ancient and variegated roots.

Its strategic position on the sea, in fact, has made it a target of interest on the part of various peoples and cultures over the centuries. These influences are still visible on its territory with monument of interest like its castle, uncontested symbol of the Ligurian city.

For its flora, its fauna and the beauty of its bay , Lerici has captivated artists from all over the world who stayed here to find inspiration and creativity, letting themselves be lulled by the romantic and fascinating spirit of the city.


Here we are at the end of this guide to the 22 cities of Liguria for an unforgettable holiday.

Thanks to this information you will now know which cities to visit during your stay in Liguria and what each of them has to offer.

In General, as you may have noticed, the cities of the Levant, like Portofino, are well known and are perfect for short stays, for a day trip or for a weekend while the Western Ligurian offers villages and more hidden and mysterious countries to go to Discovery for a week or two for rich, versatile and interesting itineraries.

Both West and East Liguria is a region that surprises every time for its charm and its differences and really does not matter what type of holiday you like the most or that most suits you , your interests and your needs.

Liguria really offers many different options for all tastes between beautiful sea, fascinating history and centuries-old culture, but also fun and adventure.

Did you like the guide? Did I miss something? Have you already visited any of these places? Any of the cities I mentioned you have particularly fascinated and think of inserting it in your next itinerary of travel to discover Liguria?

Write it in the comments and share with me and other readers your personal experiences!


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