Trains to the Cinque Terre

Traveling by train is the most efficient and scenic way to explore its extraordinary views of the Cinque Terre. To make your trip easier, this guide brings you the Cinque Terre Train schedule and prices for 2023.

In addition to normal regional rail traffic, from March 18 to November 5, 2023, the Cinque Terre Express service will also operate, which has a frequency of about one train every 15 minutes and operates from early morning until late at night.

The Cinque Terre Express connects La Spezia to Levanto, making frequent stops in each of the five villages. The journey is filled with beautiful panoramic views of the Ligurian Sea and charming villages.

Price of train tickets to Cinque Terre

As for 2023 prices, single ride costs €5 for adults and €2.5 for children (ages 4-11), regardless of departure and destination station, within the Levanto-Cinque Terre-La Spezia section.
Tickets can be purchased at any station and info-point in Cinque Terre Park.

For those who want to explore the Cinque Terre by Train using the train a lot, the Cinque Terre Card Train is highly recommended, which allows unlimited second-class travel within the Levanto-Cinque Terre-La Spezia section.

The Card also allows unlimited access to the Cinque Terre trails.


  • Adult 1 day: €18.20
  • Adult 2 days: 33€
  • Adult 3 days: 47€

Always validate train tickets in the green or yellow boxes found on the platforms before boarding. (If not, the fines are steep).

During peak seasons, trains can be crowded, so plan to avoid peak hours if possible.

Cinque Terre train stations have no turnstiles-you can freely enter and leave the platforms, making it easy to move between trains and villages.

Train Schedule for Cinque Terre 2023

The train schedule for Cinque Terre is valid from May 19, 2023.

Remember to check at the station for real-time information, as train schedules may change.

Click on the photo to enlarge:

Download official trenitalia schedules

How to validate the train ticket

Tickets purchased online (e-tickets) do not need to be validated.

Paper tickets must always be validated before boarding the train.

The Cinque Terre Card is personal, non-transferable and must be validated before use. The traveler’s name must be written on the back of the card and must be shown along with a valid ID.

If the Train Card has a QR Code imprinted on the front, it does not need to be obliterated as the validity data of the card is already printed and is also present in the QR code.

Cinque Terre trains: travel time

  • Monterosso to Vernazza: 4 minutes
  • Vernazza to Corniglia: 4 minutes
  • Corniglia to Manarola: 5 minutes
  • Manarola to Riomaggiore: 6 minutes

Cinque Terre trains: travel times from major stations

  • La Spezia to Riomaggiore: 9 minutes
  • Levanto to Monterosso: 5 minutes
  • Bonassola to Monterosso: 10 minutes
  • Deiva Marina to Monterosso: 16 minutes
  • Sestri Levante to Monterosso: 20 minutes. (intercity train), 30 minutes (local train)
  • From Portofino (Santa Margherita Ligure-Portofino station) to Monterosso: 40 minutes (Intercity train), 50 minutes (regional train)

Trains to Cinque Terre in low season

The Levanto-Cinque Terre-La Spezia section is served all year round by the regional train service that allows people to visit the five villages. The frequency of trains is one every half hour.

In the off-season, from November 6 to March 17, the trails do not charge and it is not worth buying a Cinque Terre Card Train. It is cheaper to buy the single ride, which during winter costs about 2.5€ depending on the route.

Train tickets can be purchased at any train station and at vending machines.

Bicycles on the train

Throughout the Region of Liguria, bicycles can be carried free of charge on all regional trains in cars marked with the appropriate symbol (located either at the front or rear of the train).

Dogs on the train

Dogs, cats and other small pets can travel free of charge on the train in a carrier with a maximum size of 70x30x50 cm.

All dogs (outside the carrier) can travel on the train kept on a leash and muzzled by purchasing a ticket:

  • On regional trains by purchasing a reduced fare ticket (half the person price).
  • On regional trains by purchasing a “Cinque Terre Card Treno” fare RAGAZZI.

Remember that in order to travel on trains with your dog, you must bring your dog’s registry certificate and health record. Guide dogs for blind people travel free of charge on trains with no obligation.

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