The complete guide to the Sandy Beaches in Liguria

What are the best sandy beaches in Liguria? In this guide you will find out where to find the most beautiful sandy beaches along the Riviera!

The sandy beaches in Liguria are not very numerous in the collective imagination.

In fact, the Ligurian Riviera cannot in the least be compared to the long sandy beaches of the Adriatic Sea or Versilia.

Liguria , however, is a region with the most varied panoramas, including beaches that are perfect for lovers of long and golden sandy coasts.

Precisely because there are not many and, sometimes, it is not easy to find them, I created this guide to make life easier for travelers.

When you have finished the article you will know all the most beautiful sandy beaches in Liguria, ideal for children, for inexperienced swimmers and for all those who like to build sand castles.

Calandre, ventimiglia


The Spiaggia delle Calandre, which certainly should be counted among the best beaches in Liguria , is located under the fort of the Annunziata in Ventimiglia .

To reach it you have to go down a staircase overlooking the sea and continue under a fascinating rocky path.

In a few minutes you arrive at this beautiful expanse of fine sand close to a clean and crystalline sea.

The entire beach is free but if you want you can rent a sunbed in the small kiosk bar you meet upon arriving.

A truly perfect beach for children also for its shallow water.

Sanremo beach


Coming from the French border, the first town that has a completely sandy coast is the city of Sanremo .

The beaches of Sanremo can be divided into different areas: La Foce, the Empress, the Port and the Three Bridges.

The Sanremo coast is dotted with private bathing establishments where you can rent sun beds and umbrellas. The free beaches are perhaps less frequent.

But one thing is certain: whichever beach you choose, beautiful golden sand is always guaranteed.

Diano Marina


Diano Marina, like San Remo, also has a completely sandy shoreline.

This town has maintained a strong tourist connotation over the years and thanks to its sandy beaches and low coastline it is ideal for children and inexperienced swimmers.

Here, too, the space of the private beaches exceeds the areas dedicated to free bathing.



Coming from the west , Andora is the first place on the Riviera delle Palme where you can stop and sunbathe on a beautiful beach of golden sand.

Here the sandy coast which extends for 2 km.

So stop, park your car and choose the stretch of coast that you like best.

In Andora the free beaches are about a quarter of the surface.



Laigueglia is a very characteristic small fishing village.

Here, too, the long sandy beaches are popular with lovers of this type of coast.

All those who want to swim safely and children will find in Laigueglia a perfect rain for them.



Alassio, the famous City of the Wall, is also appreciated for its sandy beach.

In this ancient fishing village, the beach, the lively promenade and the gut full of shops and boutiques merge into a unique coastline.

If you like a lively and, let’s face it, a little crowded environment, Alassio is the place for you.

If you are looking for a free beach in Alassio be careful, here are very few.

Bay of the Saracens, Varigotti

baia dei saraceni

In Varigotti the Baia dei Saraceni is famous. This beach is made of sand and pebbles.

To be clear, it is not exactly the prototype of golden and very fine sand that one can imagine.

However, it is certainly a beach of great charm thanks to the beautiful surrounding nature and ease of access: the Aurelia passes right behind the beach.

Punta Crena, Varigotti

Punta Crena

Punta Crena beach is another pearl of Varigotti: a small beach that was formed by the erosion of the mountain over the years.

A beautiful fine sand and a crystal clear sea are guaranteed.

The problem is to reach it: my advice is to reach it by swimming, perhaps with a mat, by canoe or pedal boat.

Only the most adventurous will choose to walk the path that descends from the mountain.

Fishermen's beach, freight rates


The charming medieval village of Noli also has its own sandy shoreline.

The Pescatori beach is largely made up of a free beach and here too the seabed slopes gently.

And since they are there, why not take some nice pictures next to the traditional Ligurian goiters?

Torre beach, Celle Ligure


The beaches of the tower are located right on the border between Celle Ligure and Albisola.

To get there, you have to follow a suggestive path and, once you arrive, you can enjoy a beautiful fine sand and a clean sea.

The beach of the tower is divided between free beach and private beach.

Be careful because during the busy periods it is very crowded.

Paraggi beach

Baia di Paraggi

From Portofino , the famous Pearl of the Mediterranean if you want to spend a day on the beach, the most comfortable solution is certainly the nearby beach.

Here the sea is very clean and, needless to say, the beach is a beautiful expanse of golden sand.

Bay of fairy tales, Sestri Levante

Baia delle favole

The Baia delle Favole in Sestri Levante is named to honor Arthur Andersen.

This almost 2 km long beach is one of the largest sandy beaches in Tigullio.

On this beach there are numerous bathing establishments as well as a large free area.

Monterosso beach, Cinque Terre

Spiaggia di Monterosso

In the Cinque Terre it is really difficult to find a sandy beach.

The only one, perhaps, is the Monterosso al Mare beach, also known as Fenigia beach.

It is actually very well known and therefore during the high season it is besieged by tourists. Also because, among other things, it is very close to the city’s train station.

San Terenzo beach, Lerici


The beach of San Terenzo extends along the Borgo di Lerici and, on days of calm sea, the reflection of the colored houses on the water is a truly wonderful effect.

This beach is divided between a private part and a free part.

Of course there is no distinction, both sides are formed by a fine white sand.

Punta Corvo, Ameglia

Punta Corvo

Punta Corvo is a rather hidden beach near the Borgo di Montemarcello.

To reach it you have to walk a steep path and a long staircase.

Once you get to the bottom you will find me in front of a fascinating dark sand beach.

Among the sandy beaches in Liguria it is definitely worth seeing!


Thanks to this information you will know exactly which sandy beaches in Liguria are closest to you and what their characteristics are.

Surely you will agree on how the Riviera di Ponente offers a much wider choice than the Riviera di Levante in this case.

I hope this guide will help you to create an itinerary to discover the most beautiful Ligurian beaches between relaxation, fun and infinite beauty!

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