Bordighera beaches

The complete guide from west to east.

Bordighera’s beaches run all over the city and are very numerous.
They mainly stand out for the size and type of service they offer.

The bottom of the beaches is more or less the same throughout the city: the beaches are made up of round pebbles and, depending on the storms, there are sections with coarse sand.

To help you choose which beach is right for you, we have divided the coast into zones. This way you will know exactly where to go to enjoy a day at the beach in Bordighera.

Rattaconigli Beach


Rattaconigli beach is the one most west of the Bordighera coast.
This beach is the newest but, above all, the largest of all and is almost entirely free. This is the perfect corner for those who love large spaces and want to enjoy the sea while maintaining some privacy.
Behind this beach there is a beautiful cycle and pedestrian promenade and numerous parking lots nearby.
There are showers and public changing rooms. In addition, the beach is served by 4 bars well distributed along the entire length of the coast, two of which also rent deck chairs and sun loungers.

Private Beaches

Beaches west of the station


The stretch of beach between the railway station and the large beach of Rattaconigli is very convenient and easily accessible.

In fact, this stretch of beach can be reached by car and there are numerous car parks on the promenade.

The bathing establishments in this part of Bordighera offer a lot of entertainment: windsurf rental and lessons, floating platforms with trampolines, games for children, a swimming pool and some organize beautiful evenings of music and fun.

Private Beaches

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Beaches east of the station


The beaches that go from the train station to the Sant’Ampelio roundabout are those closest to the center and shops.

Both the beach and the services are similar to those on the west side of the station.

In this stretch of coast, however, the bathing establishments are characterized by almost all having excellent restaurant service both during the day and in the evening.

If you were in Bordighera during the winter it is in this area that you would find a nice restaurant by the sea where you can taste freshly caught fish.

Private Beaches



The rocks of Sant’Ampelio, let’s face it, are for connoisseurs: this beautiful cliff on the sea is hardly chosen by tourists to spend the whole days under the sun.

Here, however, every self-respecting bordigotto has spent his youth challenging friends to those who made the best dive.

Among these rocks you will find the cleanest water in the whole city and you will smell the sea like nowhere else in the surrounding area.

I recommend you bring a mask and explore the seabed. Underwater there is a submerged gallery that leads from one side of the cliff to the other.

Can you find it?

Arziglia Beach


To the east of the marina lies the beach of Arziglia.
This is probably the least tourist beach of all and surely here you will find a quiet corner at any time of the year.

In ancient times it was the fishermen’s beach, in fact there are many paintings of the time to witness it. Today it is largely a free beach. One third of the beach is equipped with umbrellas and sunbeds from the only beach resort in the area.

Private Beaches

Public Beaches


Bordighera offers many free beaches.

With a few rare exceptions, each private bathing establishment is always alternated with a free beach.
All free beaches have a changing room and shower with drinking water.

Bordighera dog friendly Beach


Bordighera has a beach where you can bring your dog to the sea.
It is called Bau Beach and it is the most western beach of all, in the spacious expanse of Rattaconigli.

This area is equipped with shading structures, drinking water and a wooden fence to keep your little friends away.

There is a simple regulation to follow, but other than that, have fun!

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