Accommodation in Bordighera

There are a variety of ways to stay in Bordighera: from full-board hotels to apartments for a vacation in total freedom.

The first and most important decision to make when figuring out where to sleep in Bordighera is to choose what type of accommodation you want to stay in.

In fact, in Bordighera, like all of Liguria, there are different types of facilities tailored to the type of vacation you want to take.

You can choose from the large hotel by the sea, the farmhouse in the hills, the family-run Bed and Breakfast or the apartment for the whole family.


Hotels in Bordighera


In Bordighera there are hotels of all categories and prices.

Just do a quick search major booking portals immediately take note of the price range and services you are looking for.

During peak season, besides Easter, the Christmas vacations the event period, Bordighera is taken by storm by tourists from Italy and abroad.

I recommend booking in advance to be able to find availability in the hotels you like best and to be able to choose the best rooms: those with southern exposure, with a terrace, and on high floors.

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Apartments in Bordighera


As with hotels, there are different categories and different price ranges for apartments.

There are no stars for apartments as there are for hotels. The advice is then to look on online booking portals and read reviews from guests who have stayed in the facilities before you.

As for apartments, it is advisable to book well in advance because there is even more competition in the search for the best apartments than for hotels.

  • Bordighera Suite Apartments: newly renovated and finely furnished apartments with all comforts.
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Bed & breakfast in Bordighera

b&b bordighera

There are also several family-run bed and breakfasts in Bordighera that offer bed and breakfast.

This solution is recommended wants to spend less than the hotel but still wants the pampering of breakfast in the morning.

For lunch and dinner Guests can choose from the city’s many restaurants.

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Recommended hotels in Bordighera

In Bordighera you have a good choice of facilities. From luxury hotels with all the comforts to guesthouses for a trip with friends.


Design apartments in Bordighera

In Bordighera, you can find many newly renovated and finely furnished apartments ideal for the family and beyond.