The Riviera of Ponente is undoubtedly the part of Liguria with the most extraordinary variety of landscapes: Mediterranean scrub, olive trees, vines, citrus, long beaches and valleys with ancient perched villages.

If you don’t know it, though, it’s not always easy to find your way around. You need someone to reveal the secrets of this various land.

In this guide you will discover everything you need to know about this wonderful part of Liguria and all the reasons why you should definitely not miss its wonders during your stay.

Balzi Rossi Tramonto

Where is the Riviera di Ponente

The Riviera di Ponente is the territory that connects the border of Ventimiglia with the French Riviera, to the city of Genoa and includes the provinces of Savona and Imperia.

In this varied territory full of medieval villages, fishing villages and amazing nature, rise the Riviera dei Fiori and the Riviera delle Palme.

Map of the Riviera di Ponente

Riviera dei Fiori

From Ventimiglia to Cape Mimosa in the town of Cervo, the Flower Riviera area is renowned for its year-round mild climate, stunning medieval villages and unforgettable views.

Refined and elegant places such as Bordighera and Sanremo have been the destination of nobles throughout Europe since the end of the nineteenth century and today they are sea destinations loved by travelers from all over the world.

Behind the popular seaside resorts is a rich hinterland dotted with wonderful unspoiled medieval villages, all to be discovered.

During the visit of villages such as Dolceacqua, Apricale or Triora the advice is to also immerse yourself in nature with a walk in the woods or canyons carved by the water over the centuries.

Riviera delle Palme

The territory that includes the province of Savona, with Varazze and Spotorno is called the Riviera delle Palme.

This part of the Ligurian Riviera has dotted with seaside towns historically a destination for tourism from the big cities of northern Italy.

Alassio, known for the “muretto” where many famous people have left their signature and for the beauty contest that takes place in the summer, is one of the most popular destinations.

Finale Ligure, which, in addition to beach tourism, attracts mountain bikers from all over the world.


What to see on the Ligurian Riviera di Ponente

Crossing the Liguria di Ponente in the two Riviere in which it is divided you discover a coast that, manages to give the attentive tourist glimpses and monuments of undoubted charm.

Villages of Liguria di Ponente

From west to east the west is full of medieval villages and wonderful seafarers where to spend romantic moments or with friends. For photography lovers many glimpses lend themselves to making wonderful shots.

To explore the most beautiful villages the ideal is to organize a weekend and stay in Bordighera,which in addition to being a welcoming seaside resort and have a beautiful old town, is right at the center of countless points of interest.

Just above the Bordighera overlook Seborga, a real principality with a sweet Princess, and Vallebona.

Along the Nervia Valley you can admire the splendour of Dolceacqua,ancient city of the Doria. Apricale,a charming and ancient village with incredible views. Then Pigna and Rocchetta Nervina,the land of fairy tales and ponds popular during the summer.

The Impressionist painter Claude Monet fell in love with these areas and retracted them in his many paintings.


More glamorous is the nearby Sanremo with its elegant boutiques, the Casino, and especially the Festival of Italian Song, where the greatest local resource, the beautiful flowers, show off.

Outside the spotlight, the city also has a more authentic nature, just browse through the small shops of the historic center of Sanremo, to realize it: it is the Pigna district, a maze of narrow streets common to the many enchanting villages in the valleys in the hinterland. Where are the biggest surprises.

Behind it, climbing several kilometers, you can visit Triora, the land of witches. Here in 1500 there was a long and dramatic trial of women accused of witchcraft.

From Diano Marina onward, the best known locations are the coastal ones such as Alassio, Pietra Ligure, Varigotti, Finale Ligure, Noli, and Spotorno.



In the west there are numerous beaches where it is worth stopping or spending a day tanning.

Near the border with France you can not miss the beach of Balzi Rossi and, a few kilometers further in the, the beach of the Calandre.

In Bordighera, residents and tourists love to dive from the “scoglio alto” which is located near the church of Sant’Ampelio.

The beach most loved by people from Sanremo is the “Tre Ponti” beach : small beaches of fine sand and surfers who ride the waves during rough seas days.

In Varigotti the most popular beaches are the Baia dei Saraceni, recommended in the low season, and Punta Crena, which is much quieter.

Parks, museums and more

In addition to the villages, seaside resorts and beaches, the Ligurian west has a lot to offer: magnificent gardens and villas, historic museums, castles and much more.

Ventimiglia, for example, is a city rich in history and culture. Here, in addition to a walk in the old town, you can’t miss a visit to the Hanbury Gardens and the Museo dei Balzi Rossi.

In Bordighera another excellence in the world of botany is the Exotic Pallanca Garden.

In Imperia Villa Grock is undoubtedly one of the most distinctive and bizarre buildings to be found on the Western Riviera.


What to eat in the Riviera di Ponente

The Ponente, like all Liguria, can also take by the throat.

The authenticity of the cuisine is associated with the excellent quality of the ingredients: oil, wine, basil, herbs.

In addition to pesto, flag of the region, flatbreads, fresh pastas (trophies, ravioli), fish (along the coast), meats (famous the Ligurian rabbit).

All accompanied by excellent wines, such as the Rossese di Dolceacqua.

The journey between nature, art and gastronomy promises to be of indisputable charm.


Where to sleep on the Riviera di Ponente

To stay comfortably on the Riviera di Ponente there are many possibilities for all budgets, both inland and on the coast.

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Now that you’ve reached the end of this guide on the Riviera di Ponente you’ll know exactly what to expect from this diverse territory.

As you could see a trip to the Ponente Ligure satisfies lovers of nature, culture, and history, as well as all fans of good food.

The important thing is to have the right tips: you can discover the secrets of this territory on the pages of this site.

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