The Riviera Ligure di Levante is rich in enchanting landscapes: The coastline is a constellation of splendid gulfs, renowned beaches, and beautiful towns-Camogli, Chiavari, Rapallo, Portofino, or overlooking the Gulf of Tigullio.
Sestri Levante , The Cinque Terre , Portovenere to the west, to name a few.

Many of the images of Liguria that are famous in the world have been immortalized among the inlets of this coast and many writers and poets have sung their beauty.

In the Ligurian Riviera di Levante there are many small places to visit and where to take many beautiful photos. In this guide you will find out which are the absolutely unmissable views and everything you need to know to better plan a visit to this wonderful part of Liguria.

Where is the Riviera di Levante

The Riviera di Levante is the territory that unites the city of Genoa with Versilia, and includes the provinces of Genoa and La Spezia.

This territory rich in gulfs, beaches and seaside resorts can be divided into 5 main coastal stretches: the Gulf of Paradise , the Gulf of Tigullio , the Baie del Levante , the Cinque Terre and the Gulf of Poets .

Map of the Riviera di Levante

The Golfo Paradiso

Golfo Paradiso is the stretch of coast of Levante Ligure which includes five seaside resorts: Bogliasco, Pieve Ligure, Sori, Recco and Camogli .

It is in this wonderful territory that some wonders to see in Liguria are hidden such as the painted facades of the village of Camogli, the abbey of San Fruttuoso , the sea around Punta Chiappa , the park of Portofino and the Christ of the abyss . Here you can also eat one of the most popular Ligurian specialties, right in the country where they invented it: the focaccia with Recco cheese .

Besides the coastal towns you can also visit other small villages in the immediate hinterland such as Avegno and Uscio.

Gulf of Tigullio

The Gulf of Tigullio is a large inlet in the territory of the province of Genoa. bounded by the regional natural park of Portofino and Punta Manara.

This stretch of the Ligurian coast is rich in numerous coves including Paraggi, Portofino , Santa Margherita Ligure and the famous bays of Sestri Levante: the Bay of Fables and the Bay of Silence.

Without a doubt, the Gulf of Tigullio is one of the most renowned and appreciated tourist destinations on the Riviera di Levante.
The most famous place is certainly Portofino, one of the pearls of the Mediterranean.
To find numerous bathing establishments and night clubs you will have to go to the towns of Santa Margherita, Rapallo, Zoagli and Chiavari.


Bays of the Levant

Moving further east, after Tigullio is the territory of the so-called Levante bays consisting of 6 municipalities : Sestri Levante, Moneglia, Framura, Deiva Marina, Bonassola, and Levanto.

Cinque Terre

Transparent sea and cliffs overlooking the water. Villages perched on spikes of rock, with hard-won landings to the sea, and terraces that tenaciously furrow the profile of the mountains just behind the coast.

This is the Cinque Terre, today a national park, a microcosm that perhaps contains the quintessence of the Riviera di Levante in just under 20 km of coastline and immediate hinterland. A place where the relationship between man and the environment is preserved in a miraculous balance, not surprisingly declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1998.

Monterosso al mare , Vernazza , Corniglia , Manarola , Riomaggiore are the small coastal villages from which the name derives, connected to each other by a path that runs along the sea, still used by the inhabitants. All to be discovered without haste by train, by boat, wandering through alleys and harbors or strolling along extraordinary panoramic paths.

Gulf of Poets

The Gulf of Poets is so called because it inspired the greatest poets in the world, such as Shelley, Byron, Petrarca, Lawrence, George Sand and Montale.

In fact, it could not have been otherwise, given the absolute beauty of this Gulf, which includes Lerici, La Spezia and Portovenere , three pearls enclosed by coves, ancient villages, uncontaminated sea and wild nature.



Now that you have reached the end of this guide on the Riviera di Levante you will know exactly what to expect from this enchanted territory.

As you have seen, a trip to the Ligurian Levante satisfies lovers of unique views, nature, the sea and its history.

The important thing is to have the right tips: you can discover the secrets of this territory on the pages of this site.

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