Welcome to the pearl of the Mediterranean

In Portofino, the clear sea reflects the pastel colors of the facades, the sky and the nature surrounding the village. The many visitors go to discover every corner, the boats, ferries, and yachts arrive and depart. All in perfect harmony.

Welcome to Portofino.

Portofino is one of the most iconic places of the Italian Riviera.

All over the world, in fact, they know the image of this magnificent seaside village, nestled in the green headland, with its tall colorful houses arranged in a semi-circle around the famous Piazzetta.

This pearl of the Mediterranean is today one of the most renowned tourist resorts in the world and every year attracts thousands of travelers including artists, politicians and celebrities of international level.

In this guide, youwill cover what to visit in Portofino, how to move and you will find many ideas and ideas to make the most of your visit to this extraordinary village of the Italian Riviera.

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What to see in Portofino

Portofino is a village of ancient origins, documented in the imperial age under the name Portus Delphini; the central part of the village still retains the Roman road system, with orthogonal mesh.

In the 12th century, after a long period in the abbey of St. Fruttuoso, Portofino passed under the jurisdiction of Genoa, which since then would have kept it in its possession.

The small square of Portofino

Via Rome guides visitors to the sea.

On the right, the Oratorio di Nostra Signora Assunta, with a beautiful portal carved in slate (1555), serves as a container of art exhibitions.

The street ends in Piazza Martiri del Olivetta, better known as the square: under its arcades, there are shops and boutiques, restaurants and ice cream parlors, which also crown the marina.

Chiesa di San Martino

On the left, the Chiesa di S. Martino, built in the 11th century in the Romanesque style of Lombardy, peeps out on the left. it owes today’s appearance to an intervention of the 1800s.

Chiesa di San giorgio

The Chiesa di San Giorgio, located in a beautiful panoramic position on the isthmus at the base of the cape’s headland, houses the relics of the titular saint.
It is easily reached by a short walk to the headland, where there is another monument of interest, Brown Castle.


Continuing from St George’s Church you arrive at Brown Castle, refitting a medieval fortress; Renovated during the 17th-17th century, in 1870 it was converted into a private residence by Yeats Brown, the British consul in the Ligurian capital.

In the grounds of the castle, the International Center for Outdoor Sculpture exhibits works by Tomato, Messina, Marrai, Costa and other contemporary artists.

The castle, with its garden full of pergolas, rose gardens and various flowers that allow a lovely view of the bay, is open to sightseeing.

What to do in Portofino

Once you arrive in Portofino, in addition to enjoying the atmosphere of the village and the view of nature, you have the opportunity to try your hand at some fun activities. Here are some ideas:

Diving in Portofino

Portofino and the other gulf resorts are well equipped with diving centers that organize diving in this area, regulated.

Many significant destinations: Punta Chiappa, where Roman remains were found, and the tip of the Sentry Gun, where there are colonies of red coral and gorgonias.

Easy dive, finally, is the one at the tip of the Indian, which has limited depth.

Beaches in Portofino

Sea lovers have two options to lie down at the beach and take a swim from Portofino.

The first is to reach the abbey of San Fruttuoso by boat or through the paths of the mountain of Portofino.

If you want to spend more time on the beach in a less remote area you have to go back to Santa Margherita Ligure and stop at Paraggi. Here is the only real beach close to the village that is much loved by VIPs and is known as “Portofino beach”.

trekking in the Portofino park

If you are an adventure lover, the ideal solution is a nice ride inside the Portofino park.

This natural park includes 80 km of trails of extraordinary beauty and geographically is between Camogli and Santa Margherita Ligure.

Inside the park you can visit sites of particular historical interest such as Semaforo Vecchio, le Batterie, Il mulino del Gassetta, La Locanda di San Fruttuoso and l’eremo di Niasca

eat in portofino

Considering the geographical location of Portofino can not miss and typical specialties of the area such as focaccia, both classic and with cheese cooked in the wood oven, as they do in nearby Recco.

Then the Farinata, the Cappon Magro, the pasta with pesto, the pansotti with nuts sauce, the minestrone alla genovese and the Baccalà in agliata. Portofino also has some exclusive specialties. Here are some of them:


Portofino lasagna

A wonderful lasagna with pesto.


Salsetta Portofino

An ancient recipe from the base of tomatoes and vegetables.


The cigliege camogline

Very tasty little cherries.

Mela limonina

A local apple with a slightly sour taste.

how to get to Portofino

You can leave your car in the paid covered parking lot in Piazza Martiri della Libertà, open 24 hours a day, or in the free parking area along the way to Santa Margherita Ligure; From here you can walk to the center of the village with a nice scenic walk.

Since there is still a risk of turning empty in the vain search for a parking space, it is better to choose the train, going down to the station of Santa Margherita Ligure from which, in the summer months, a bus departs every 20 minutes (until 8 p.m.), whose tickets are available for purchase at the vending machine; Portofino can also be reached by sea, taking advantage of the ferry ferries that provide a constant connection from Genoa, the Paradise Gulf and the Gulf of Tigullio.

The nearest airport is Genoa(http://www.aeroportodigenova.it/)

Other Villages and cities of Italian Riviera

On this page I gave you just a taste of the things you can live and visit during your stay in Portofino.

I am preparing for you pages dedicated to other villages and cities in the area, to offer you even more ideas and suggestions that only those who live in this area have always known

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Thanks to this definitive Portofino guide you have all the information you need to organize your next trip to discover the italian Riviera.

By reading this guide you will have realized that Portofino has a lot to offer for any type of traveler and at any time of the year.

I gave you all this information because in the tourist guides you find very little about the wonders that you can discover in this area. The few tips that other guides offer do not give you the opportunity to organize your stay in the best possible way.

Also, in the guides, it’s hard to find practical tips and hints on things that really are worth visiting, try and live when you plan to leave for a holiday on the western Riviera.

One last tip that I would like to give you is to also use this information that I gave you as a base for your personal itinerary by inserting what you really care about, what you like and what most seems to align with your idea of vacation. You’ll find that, whatever type of trip you prefer, the Riviera di Ponente will always be content and surprise you.

I really hope to have given you everything you need to be able to start organizing your own unique and rich travel itinerary.

Did you like the guide? Did I miss something? Just let me know by writing in the comments and share with us how and when you decided to visit the beautiful Bordighera!

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