Noli is one of the best-preserved medieval villages in all of Liguria.

The fortunes of this village date back to 1097 when it participated in the First Crusade and became a seafaring power, obtaining great privileges.

In fact, Noli is known as the fifth maritime republic.

The stretch of coastline the village overlooks is popular for the beauty of its sea and sandy beaches.


You can choose from a wide selection of bathing establishments with many services and amenities, ideal for families with children.

You will find that Noli is also a starting point for the most interesting nature trails on the Western Riviera.

What to see in Noli

It is very pleasant to visit Noli unhurriedly, to experience the Borgo with its caruggi, stores, bars and restaurants.

During your visit there are some points of interest to visit that are worth knowing a little more about.

Castle of Monte Ursino


The castle of Monte Ursino dominates the city at a hill, defending the historic center.

This fortification, as we see it today, was completed in the 15th century by the Marchesi del Carretto, feudal lords of Noli.

The castle controlled the sea, the coast, and the Roman road that passed through the town.

The castle and fortified walls of the village are one of the best-preserved medieval examples in Liguria

Concattedrale di San Pietro


St. Peter’s Cathedral is nestled among the many medieval houses and towers in Noli’s historic center.

This cathedral dates back to the 1200s, but the original pre-existing medieval Romanesque structure has been transformed by ornaments from the Baroque era.

Chiesa di San Paragorio


The church of San Paragonino is perhaps the most important monument in Noli-one of the highest examples of Romanesque art in Liguria.

This beautiful church dates back to the 8th century and was completely renovated in the late 1800s.

Palazzo Comunale


Town Hall dates back to the second half of the 1400s and stands overlooking the waterfront. This was the seat of the ancient Republic of Noli.

Adjacent to the town hall stands the municipal tower, which has come down to us almost intact. It is easy to distinguish by the Ghibelline battlements.

The Towers of Noli


In addition to the Municipal Tower in Noli you can see other similar and very well preserved buildings.

Passing under the loggia of the republic, in fact, one arrives at Dante Square, where the Marina Tower stands out.

The other towers in the historic center are the Torre del Canto, also known as the “Tower of the Four Songs,” a full 38 meters high, and the Papone Tower.

Sentiero del Pellegrino

sentiero del pellegrino varigotti

For lovers of hiking the walks a must is the discovery of the pilgrim trail to Varigotti.

The beginning of the trail is well marked.

This easy walk will give you the intoxicating scents of the Mediterranean scrub and an extraordinary view of the Ligurian Sea.

You will enjoy a beautiful view of Punta Carena and the Saracens Bay. Perfect for taking pictures of your holidays.

Grotta dei Falsari

grotta dei falsari Varigotti

If you have decided to take a walk along the Pilgrim’s Path, it is definitely worth going to the forgers ‘cave, also known as the Brigands’ cave.

This marvelous cave is like an open window on the Mediterranean and offers an incomparable view.

If you are a lover of photography and expectant views, it is ideal to visit at sunrise or sunset.

Beaches of Noli


If you choose Noli for your vacation, you will find yourself in a location and area rich in beaches of all types and for all tastes.

You can choose from comfortable beaches equipped with umbrellas and sunbeds, as well as hidden coves with wild charm.

The quickest and easiest choice is undoubtedly the beach in front of the village.

This beach is a long strip of pebbles and light-colored sand overlooking clear, clean water and an often very calm sea.

Here you will find the classic seaside restorations typical of the coastal resorts of Liguria.

A fascinating part of this beach is the fishermen’s beach, where you can also take beautiful photos with the crystal clear water, the clear beach and the colorful colors of the fishermen’s boats.

If, on the other hand, you want to go adventurous by looking for more private coves, you can go in search of the beaches of Capo Noli.

Many small beaches nestled among rocks and hidden by green Mediterranean vegetation await you.

Before you venture out in search of these hidden beaches, know that they are not easy to reach: the paths are poorly marked and some can only be reached by boat.

Once you arrive there will be no refreshment stations, so it is best to equip yourself with water and something to eat.

If the beaches that Noli offers are not enough for you a few kilometers away, you will find beaches in neighboring towns such as Varigotti, Finale Ligure, and Spotorno.

Where to sleep in Noli

In Noli, the choice of hotels, many B&Bs, room rentals, vacation homes and apartments for tourists is concentrated in the beach area.

Here too, as in many places in Liguria, it is definitely advisable to book early to have the best possible choice.

How to get to Noli

Reaching Noli is very easy.

By car, you can get there via the Autostrada dei Fiori, the A10, exiting at Spotorno, taking the Aurelia westward to Noli.

On the other hand, it is not possible to get there by train, as is the case in other localities in the surrounding area, because there is no station.

Noli is served by a coastal bus line from all stations in neighboring towns.

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