The beaches of Levanto

Nestled along the beautiful Ligurian coast, Levanto offers some of the most sought-after beaches in the Cinque Terre area. With long stretches of sand and wide expanses, the Levanto coastline is truly a paradise for beach lovers.

The east side of Levanto is often praised for its wide sandy beaches. The soft golden sands invite swimmers of all ages, and the shallow waters make this area especially family-friendly. From building sand castles to pleasant and relaxing swims in the gentle waters, this side of Levanto really has something for everyone.

In contrast, the west side of Levanto offers a rather contrasting bathing experience, characterized by pebble beaches and deeper waters. While this might be slightly less welcoming to younger children, it adds an intriguing variation to the coastal landscape that nature and adventure enthusiasts would love to explore.

Levanto has earned a reputation among surfers because of its reliable wave conditions. Surfing enthusiasts from all over the world descend on Levanto to ride its impressive waves, especially during the fall and winter when surfing is at its best. From beginners renting their first board to experienced surfers catching waves effortlessly, Levanto’s waters offer plenty of excitement.

Reaching the beaches of Levanto from the local train station could not be easier. The beaches are conveniently located just a 10-minute walk from the Levanto train station-just head toward the surrounding buildings and continue straight until you reach the sea.

Those who prefer to use their cars will find ample parking in convenient seaside parking lots such as “Ex-Giaie” and “Largo F. Costa,” located near the marina. It is highly recommended to park your car and easily walk around the rest of Levanto given its pedestrian nature.

Make Levanto your next destination and let its beautiful beaches lead you on an idyllic, sunny vacation you will treasure.

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Nestled between the seawall and the boat pier for the Cinque Terre, and nestled beneath the spectacular Villa Agnelli, is a beautiful free beach at the Levanto pier.

This fascinating beach offers a unique combination of sand and pebble beaches, where visitors can enjoy versatile beach experiences according to their preferences.

Near the dam, swimmers will find soft, sandy stretches with gentle seabed, ideal for relaxing and having fun with family and friends.

In contrast, near the pier, the shore turns into a pebble surface, creating the perfect place for adventures such as diving and snorkeling along the seawall.

Relax and explore the diverse offerings of this extraordinary Levanto beach, which promises to leave you enriched and refreshed.

Beaches west of the station

spiaggia della pietra levanto

The Stone Beach, located before the pier under the beautiful arches of the waterfront, is a picturesque free beach in Levanto that will not fail to charm you.

Renowned for having the finest sand in the Gulf, even many meters from shore, the beach offers a soft, comfortable base underfoot as you stroll.

Its shallow, sandy seabed makes Stone Beach a favorite among families, especially those with children.

And the fun does not end there. For adventure seekers, paddle boards and canoes are available for rent on the beach.

Whether you want to paddle lazily in the summer sun or take an exciting exploratory canoe trip, this beach is the perfect place to dive into water fun and create unforgettable memories.

Bathing establishments in Levanto


In Levanto, a charming town located on the Ligurian Riviera, bathing establishments dominate the shoreline.

These beaches are privately operated and charge a fee for use.

Some of the most prominent bathing establishments there are Bagni Sirena, Bagni Minetti and Bagni Casinò.

Each of these establishments offers a distinctive blend of services and amenities, including not only sunbeds and umbrellas, but often also restaurants, restrooms, and other services.

Beaches in this area are characterized by sandy shores and a mixture of sand and pebbles underfoot in the water.

Bathers visiting these bathing establishments can expect a comfortable, clean, and well-appointed bathing environment. The experience of lounging under the Italian sun, with your feet soaking in the warm sand and the Mediterranean lapping against the shore is incredibly relaxing and a key part of what makes Levanto such a sought-after destination.

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Located in the charming town of Levanto, the “Pipetta” Beach is a small patch of pleasantly secluded free beach.

It is nestled between the west pier of the Casino Baths and the Central Beach establishment

The beach boasts soft, golden sand, which creates a perfect contrast to the pebbly seabed.

Immediately after “Pipetta” you can find plenty of other attractive bathing establishments such as the Central Beach, Beach Bar Nadia, Bagni Blue Marlin, Bagni Nettuno and Bagni La Gritta.

Each property retains its unique character and charm, offering different but equally fascinating experiences, further enhancing the beauty and diversity of Levanto’s coastline.

Vallesanta Beach

Spiaggia Vallesanta

“Vallesanta” beach is a serene and picturesque gem located in Levanto, offering a quiet place for bathers seeking an alternative to the busier Levanto beach.

Located in close proximity to the main beach, Vallesanta is separated from the port and offers a slightly quieter environment.

This Levanto beach is known for its pleasant shallow water, a mixture of sand and small gravel, making it a perfect place to play with children and engage in activities such as diving and snorkeling.

Reached via the charming bike path from Vallesanta to Bonassola, visitors can explore secluded beaches along the way, all while enjoying the refreshing coolness of the tunnels.

Beach for dogs in Levanto


Levanto’s “Baubeach” manages to capture the essence of a perfect vacation for both pet parents and their faithful companions. Conveniently located in the heart of Levanto, it is a dedicated dog beach that provides ample space for dogs to run, play, swim and socialize freely without the usual constraints of a typical beach.

This laudable initiative espouses the idea that vacations and beach fun should also include our four-legged friends. It also provides facilities such as showers, benches, and waste bag dispensers to ensure a comfortable and orderly environment.

Umbrellas and sunbeds are also available, making it an ideal gathering place for dog owners as well.

So whether you are a resident or a tourist visiting Levanto, “Baubeach” ensures that your beach experience is not only ‘pet tolerant’ but truly ‘pet friendly.’