Laigueglia è una piccola cittadina costiera della Provincia di Savona incastonata tra Capo Mele, che la divide da Andora, e la più movimentata Alassio.

Laigueglia rispetto ad Alassio è un borgo che, senza dubbio, ha mantenuto un aspetto ed un’atmosfera più tranquilla, tipica di un classico borgo marinaro Ligure. In effetti insieme a Bordighera è uno dei pochi rimasti autentici in un Ponente Ligure fortemente orientato al Turismo.

Con i suoi caruggi, le piazzette amare, i toni rosa lilla delle case radunate all’ombra protettrice della monumentale chiesa di San Matteo, Laigueglia conserva il fascino di vecchio borgo marinaro che la maggior parte dei comuni liguri rivieraschi ha perduto.

Allo stesso tempo però Laigueglia ha saputo diventare una cittadina viva, ricca di ristorantini tipici e di bar sulla spiaggia. Ha un litorale sabbioso confortevole con spiagge libere e spiagge attrezzate, oltre ad un piacevole lungomare su cui praticare jogging e fare passeggiate rigeneranti.

Laigueglia panorama

Laigueglia is ideal for a relaxing holiday, full of days on the beach in search of the perfect tan and romantic dinners by the sea.

At the same time, however, it is also a perfect place to keep fit and practice adrenaline sports immersed in nature.

In fact, the surrounding hills are full of hiking trails surrounded by greenery and trails designed especially for mountain bike enthusiasts.

In short, Laigueglia is a place on a human scale where the whole family can find the ideal size. Comfortable and well-equipped beaches, good cuisine and a strategic position on the Ligurian Riviera make Laigueglia an excellent destination for your holidays in Liguria.

What to see in Laigueglia

It is very pleasant to visit Laigueglia without haste, to experience the village with its alleys, in particular the budello and via dante, the living room of the city, with its shops, bars and restaurants.

During your visit there are some points of interest to visit that are worth knowing a little more about.

Church of San Matteo


San Matteo is the church that typically stands out, in the iconic images of this seaside village in Liguria. It is in fact considered the symbol of Laigueglia.

It will be built at the end of the 18th century and is considered one of the most interesting religious buildings of the Ligurian Baroque.

Its high bell towers, the first to be started and the last to be finished, have fine colored majolica domes.

Inside the church there are important paintings from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

Bastion of Levante


Of the ancient defensive system of Laigueglia only the Bastione di Levante remains, which over the centuries was also used as a prison and as a hospital for sailors in quarantine.

You will surely meet him by taking a stroll along the seafront.

The other two towers dating back to 1500 have been lost and the Giunchetto tower, above Capo Mele, was demolished by Napoleon Bonaparte to make room for the new road, the middle tower has instead given up on Palazzo Rosso.

Its large bronze cannon was cast and recovered for the bell of the church of San Matteo.

Wall of the Cyclists


A stone’s throw from the Bastione di Levante is the cyclists’ wall where dozens of tiles signed by the greatest champions of this sport have been placed.

Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Penne

Santuario di Nostra Signora delle Penne Laigueglia

A place to visit during your stay in Laigueglia is the Sanctuary of Nostra Signora delle Penne which is located right on a rocky spur at the top of Capo Mele.

Beyond the historical importance of the place it is worth taking a stroll up here to enjoy the beautiful view of the Mediterranean Sea.

Legend has it that this church was built by a community of Catalan fishermen who emigrated here in ancient times and who built this place of worship to pray.

Beaches of Laigueglia

spiagge di laigueglia

Laigueglia beach is a long stretch of sand of about 3 km that develops right in front of the historic village. It begins at Capo Mele in the west and ends at the border with nearby Alassio in the east.

Here the beach has similar characteristics to the beach of Alassio: it is not particularly deep, the seabed is rather low for several meters.

This makes it a perfect beach for families , for inexperienced swimmers and for children , who can play with the fine sand, entertain themselves with beach games and swim in complete safety.

Also in Laigueglia as in many places in Liguria there are both free beaches and beaches equipped with umbrellas, sunbeds, a little entertainment and of course the bar service.

If you are looking for bathing establishments, the best area is the stretch of beach called “Baia del Sole” , between Laigueglia and Capo Mele.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a free beach, you will find it near the railway station.

Where sleeping in Laigueglia

In Laigueglia there is a wide choice of hotels , many B & Bs , guest houses, holiday homes and apartments for tourists. The quality / price ratio is certainly better than that of Alassio.

This makes the hotels and apartments in Laigueglia very popular, especially as regards the sea view rooms.

Even in Laigueglia, as in many places in Liguria, it is definitely advisable to book early to have the best possible choice.

How to get to Laigueglia

Reaching Laigueglia is very simple.

By car you can get there with the Autostrada dei Fiori, the A10, exiting at Albenga, taking the Aurelia Bis up to Alassio and then continuing a few kilometers on the SS1, or exiting at Andora and along the Aurelia.

Getting to Laigueglia by train is also quite simple. The train station is located right in the center of the town.

Many regional trains stop in Laigueglia and pass on the Genoa-Ventimiglia route. If you look online you can’t find a train that stops right in Laigueglia, you will certainly be luckier by setting nearby Alassio as your destination.

Once in Alassio it will be very easy to reach Laigueglia by bus, taxi or, if desired, walking a few kilometers along the seafront.

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