Genoa Aquarium

All you need to know to visit this extraordinary place.


Genoa Aquarium: priority ticket

starting from 25,50 €


The aquarium of Genoa with its 27,000 square meters of exhibition area is the largest aquarium in Italy, the third in Europe and the ninth worldwide.

The tour allows you to visit over 70 tanks, in which you can admire about 15,000 specimens with a variety, including animals and plants, of 600 different species, coming from the seas and oceans around the world.

These numbers bring the aquarium of Genoa to the absolute first place in Europe as regards biodiversity. It is truly impressive: no other aquarium on the old continent allows you to see such a large amount of marine creatures.

What to see at the Genoa Aquarium

acquario di Genova

Durante la visita vi troverete faccia a faccia con vivaci pesci tropicali, murene che escono dalle rocce, meduse luminescenti, coloratissime stelle marine e tante altre specie.

Le vasche più amate dai visitatori di tutte le età sono senza dubbio quelle dei delfini, degli squali e delle foche.

Un vanto per l’acquario di genova è invece la vasca dei lamantini, che sono marmiferi acquatici erbivori dalla quale pare sia nata la figura mitologica delle sirene.

Il percorso all’interno dell’acquario di Genova e sviluppato per aree tematiche e pugnare ha un nome molto evocativo.

Blue Planet

acquario di genova pianeta blu

Planet blue is the initial room of the exhibition itinerary.

Visitors are greeted by a very suggestive video whose theme is the importance of water for life. You will see extraordinary images of marine animals from all the seas of the world.

Moray cave


After the blue planet, an imposing cylinder six meters high appears from the darkness.

This is the moray eel cave, so called because these menacing fish emerge from the rocky ravines. Scorpion fish can also be seen lying on the bottom in the same tank.

In this room you will see seahorses and the octopus, the most intelligent of invertebrates

Lagoon of the Sirens

laguna delle sirene

Despite the name, very meek and friendly animals swim in the mermaid lagoon: the manatees.

The room has this name because it seems that these animals inspired the myth of the mermaids.

These herbivorous aquatic mammals are at great risk of extinction and the Genoa aquarium is the only structure in Italy and one of the few in Europe to keep this species.

Here in 2015 a baby manatee was born: a truly incredible event inside an aquarium!

Bay of Sharks

baia degli squali

Shark Bay is home to the sea’s largest, fascinating and feared predators.

In the large tank you can observe many species of sharks from all over the world and other very interesting fish.

On the seabed, for example, you can see several specimens of sawfish, typical of the Indian Ocean and the western Pacific.

Isle of Seals

isola delle foche

At Seal Island you will see a group of common seals from the Northern Hemisphere.
The specimens you will see here were born in the aquarium or were abandoned shortly after birth and survived thanks to the help of man.

Kingdom of Ice

Regno dei ghiacci

The Genoa aquarium is the only one in Europe to host specimens of invertebrates and Antarctic fish. In this thematic area the inhospitable Antarctic continent has been reconstructed.

In these areas of the world, marine waters are inhabited by species that have developed particular adaptations to survive extreme conditions.

Here you can admire some specimens of gentoo penguins and magellan penguins.

Pavilion of the Cetaceans

padiglione dei cetacei

The new cetacean pavilion of the Genoa aquarium is truly incredible and leaves the spectators breathless.

This wonderful structure consisting of four open-air pools was designed by Renzo Piano and is an extension that was built in 2013.

The path in this pavilion offers a truly engaging experience.

You will admire the animals both from the surface of the water and from an underwater point of view.

Coming from the aquarium you will first see the dolphins from above, thanks to a twenty-four meter long wall that can be opened to hear the sound of these animals.

Downstairs you will see dolphins swimming nimbly above your head through a 15-meter glass tunnel.

Biodiversity Pavilion

padiglione biodiversità

The biodiversity pavilion is located in the large blue ship of the Genoa aquarium.

In the first area, the blue safari, visitors will be able to pet the stingrays in the tactile tank. Truly an amazing experience!

In this room you can also observe the sturgeons.

In the next area we dive into a coral lagoon of the Pacific Ocean, which is home to many very interesting species. Napoleon fish, zebra shark and puffer fish.

Room of the Jellyfish

sala delle meduse

In the jellyfish room let yourself be carried away by their seductive dance and their floating movements.

In this area you can admire nine tanks to discover many species of jellyfish from all over the world. The main phases of the life cycle of these simple and very ancient organisms are also illustrated.

The World of Corals

mondo dei coralli

The world of corals is dedicated to the marine ecosystem that has the greatest variety of animal species and the one that most needs protection: the coral reef.

This area of the aquarium is divided into three tanks. In the main tank the light of a full moon night is reproduced through special lamps, and visitors can observe the natural fluorescence of the corals.

In the other two tanks you can see colorful coral species from all over the world, small specimens of clown fish and cardinal fish.

What to do at the Genoa Aquarium

Oltre alla normale visita dell’acquario di Genova, è possibile iscriversi ad alcune esperienze speciali disponibili su prenotazione.

Face to face with the Dolphins

a tu per tu delfini

With the “Face to face with dolphins” program you will have the opportunity to experience the thrill of a close encounter with dolphins accompanied by an expert guide.

You will get to know the Genoa aquarium trainers who will directly explain their work and involve you in some of their everyday activities.

During this visit you will have access to reserved areas by the pool to discover the secrets of dolphin training.

You will then take part in an active dolphin watching session from a dedicated and very close position.

In the last part of the program you will be the protagonists of a training session and, by repeating command signals, you will have the dolphins perform some exercises.

At the end of this experience you can complete the visit of the aquarium on your own.

Face to face with the Penguins

a tu per tu pinguini

With the “Face to face with the penguins” program, a guide from the Genoa aquarium will take you on an hour and a half tour to discover the world of these fantastic creatures.

You will discover the preparation of the food, you will observe closely the exhibit tank of the penguins and the daily work of the management of these animals.

You will have access to the inside of the pool to closely watch the distribution of the afternoon meal by the specialized staff.

At the end of this experience you can complete the visit of the aquarium on your own.

Behind the scenes

With the “Behind the Scenes” program you will be able to see the Aquarium of Genoa as you have never seen it before!

During this experience you will be able to discover all the secrets of the structure.

Together with the experts, you will follow a path in the areas where animals are treated, in the laboratories and you will discover all the activities related to their maintenance and that of their environment, with many curiosities and secrets.

An Expert with You

The “An expert with you” program is an ideal experience for a small group of friends or a family. It takes place together with an expert marine biologist.

When booking, you can choose one of the themes proposed by the aquarium which can be:

  • Marine mammals
  • Mediterranean Sea
  • Tropical seas
  • Dangerous animals

Or you can request a custom theme.

Along the way you will visit the exhibition tanks relating to the theme you have chosen and you will also visit some reserved areas.

Emotional dinner


During an emotional dinner at the Genoa aquarium you can enjoy a refined dinner inside the cetacean pavilion, overlooking the large dolphin pool.

It is a unique experience to try at least once in a lifetime and although it may seem like a rather expensive luxury, it is actually within everyone’s reach.

You can choose between a fixed menu of land or sea and book only on set dates.

Opening time

The Genoa aquarium is open every day of the year, but the opening hours depend on the season.

In general, the aquarium is open from morning to evening.

The entrance ticket entitles you to a limited time inside the aquarium. The tour usually takes about two and a half hours. Once out, it is not allowed to re-enter.

Entrance tickets


Genoa Aquarium: priority ticket

starting from 25,50 €


In base alle attrazioni che desiderate visitare è possibile scegliere tra diverse tipologie di biglietti:

  • Biglietto solo Acquario di Genova
  • PianetAcquario: Acquario, Giardino Tropicale “Un battito d’ali”, Biosfera, Bigo Ascensore Panoramico.
  • GalatAcquario: Acquario, Galata Museo del Mare, Sommergibile S518 Nazario Sauro.
  • Biglietto AcquarioVillage: è il biglietto più completo. Consente l’accesso a tutte le strutture Costa Edutainment del Porto Antico di Genova: Acquario, Giardino Tropicale “Un battito d’ali”, Galata Museo del Mare, Sommergibile S518 Nazario Sauro, Biosfera, Bigo Ascensore Panoramico, Dialogo nel Buio.

Se volete visitare più attrazioni a tema marino, tenete presente che è più conveniente acquistare i biglietti combinati che quelli singoli di ciascuna attrazione.

I biglietti combinati consentono un ingresso a ciascuna attrazione e hanno un anno di validità; l’ingresso in Acquario deve essere prenotato online al momento dell’acquisto.

Ogni tipologia di attrazione offre sconti per i bambini dai 4 ai 12 anni, diversamente abili, residenti di Genova e provincia. Entrano gratuitamente i bambini sotto i 4 anni e gli accompagnatori di persone diversamente abili.

Al momento dell’acquisto del biglietto dovrete scegliere il giorno e la fascia oraria della vostra visita all’acquario: attenzione perché non è permesso l’ingresso in un giorno o una fascia oraria diversa da quelli selezionati.

Il Biglietto Open vi da la facoltà di entrare quando volete, ma ad un prezzo maggiorato.

Advice for buying tickets

L’acquario di genova è un’esperienza davvero unica e, per garantirla, il biglietto d’ingresso non è economico.

Il prezzo varia in base al periodo dell’anno e alle fasce orarie: si può risparmiare qualcosa visitando l’acquario in bassa stagione e nei giorni feriali.

Il modo migliore per acquistare biglietti è sicuramente online: è l’unico modo per avere la sicurezza di entrare senza rischiare che l’acquario sia già al completo.

Inoltre potrete valutare con calma le diverse opzioni disponibili senza la fretta della casa tradizionale all’ingresso.

I grandi appassionati del mare potranno acquistare anche l'”acquario-pass”, un biglietto che consente l’ingresso illimitato per un anno. Incluso con questa tipologia di biglietto c’è anche una visita guidata “dietro le quinte” e diversi sconti.

Il prezzo di questo biglietto diventa conveniente già a partire dalla seconda visita entro l’anno.

How to get to the Aquarium of Genoa


Genova è molto facile da raggiungere, sia in treno che in auto, da qualunque direzione arriviate. Una volta arrivati alla stazione ferroviaria o al casello autostradale è tutto molto semplice. 

L’Acquario di Genova si trova al Porto Antico e in base al tuo mezzo di trasporto ecco la strada:

Treno: scendi alla stazione Genova Piazza Principe e cammina per 15 minuti seguendo le indicazioni per il Porto Antico o per l’Acquario.

Auto: prendi l’uscita Genova Ovest dall’autostrada e segui le indicazioni per il centro. Non imboccare la sopraelevata, Via Gramsci sotto di essa è molto più comoda. Tieni a destra l’area portuale per circa 3 km fino ad arrivare al porto antico e quindi all’Acquario di Genova.

Aereo: L’aeroporto più vicino è Genova Cristoforo Colombo. Una volta atterrato puoi prendere un taxi (15 minuti) o la navetta (30 minuti).

Battello: puoi anche raggiungere l’acquario via mare con i battelli che partono dalle principali località turistiche della Riviera di levante (Nervi, Recco, Camogli, San Fruttuoso, Portofino, Cinque Terre). Alcune tratte sono attive tra 365 giorni l’anno, alcune solo durante la stagione estiva.

Parking at the Genoa Aquarium

Parcheggiare nei dintorni dell’Acquario di Genova è piuttosto semplice se optate per un parcheggio a pagamento.

Se cercate un parcheggio gratuito l’impresa è decisamente più complicata.

Nella zona del porto antico ci sono tantissimi parcheggi a pagamento e comunque i parcheggi a Genova non sono particolarmente cari in generale.

Ecco la lista del parcheggi consigliati:

  • Park Acquario (a 1 minuto a piedi)
  • Park Mercanzia (a 1 minuto a piedi)
  • Park Porta Siberia (a 1 minuto a piedi)
  • Park Autosilo (a 8 minuti a piedi)
  • Park Calata Gadda (a 8 minuti a piedi)
  • Park Genova Piazza Principe (a 5 minuti a piedi)

Hotel near the Aquarium of Genoa

Ci sono diverse strutture ricettive di qualità nella zona del porto antico e dall’acquario,

Qui in basso ne proponiamo alcune davvero raccomandate altrimenti scorrendo ancora potete fare una ricerca all’interno della mappa e trovare la struttura che fa al caso vostro.

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Genoa – Molo Ponte Calvi 5


San Giorgio Rooms

Genoa – Piazza della Raibetta 2


Hotel De Ville

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