The Pallanca Exotic Garden is undoubtedly one of the points of interest that I recommend to all those who want to discover the beauties of Bordighera.

The city of Palms, loved for its beaches, elegant streets and charming old town, has many hidden corners where you can take wonderful photographs and share unforgettable experiences.

In this short article I want you to discover the beauty of the Pallanca exotic garden, its history and why you should definitely not let it get away during your next visit to Bordighera.

The Pallanca Exotic Garden

The Pallanca Exotic Garden is one of the wonders of Bordighera and is certainly one of the attractions to see in the city of Palms: it is a rich botanical garden of succulent and succulent plants.

As for this particular type of plants, it is undoubtedly the most important botanical garden in Italy and one of the top five in Europe.


The History of the Garden

The history of this botanical garden accompanies the events of the Pallanca family since the end of the nineteenth century.

It all began in 1861 when Giacomo Pallanca abandoned the cultivation of olives in Airole, in the Roya Valley, to join the work of the famous landscape architect Ludwig Winter.

Alongside the German botanist, Giacomo had the opportunity to admire the creation of marvelous parks in Liguria and the nearby Cote d’Azur.

Among them, the extraordinary Hambury Gardens in Ventimiglia.

In 1910 Giacomo’s son, Bartolomeo, founded the “Bartolomeo Pallanca floral horticultural establishment” specialized in the production of cacti and succulents.

Parallel to the commercial activity Bartolomeo devoted himself to the collection of the rarest species and specimens, acclimating them in the mild inlet of Montenero in Bordighera.

In 1989 the Pallanca family decided to expand, organize and structure the garden to open it to the public.

Visiting the Gardens

Today the exotic pallanca garden represents an extraordinary collection of cactacean and succulent, a real open-air museum.

Within an extraordinary property, over 10,000 square meters overlooking the sea and constantly kissed by the sun, over 3200 varieties and over 30,000 specimens of wonderful plants are collected.

This huge botanical heritage divided into thematic areas and areas of origin, combined with the extraordinary panorama and the care with which the plants are exposed, really offers a enchanting and unique scenery.

Among the terraces overlooking the sea can also be visited the greenhouses where the new specimens are grown.

Among these you can choose and buy the most fascinating and rare succulents that, in the normal nurseries of cities, you will not find for sure.


When to visit the Pallanca Exotic Garden

The Pallanca Exotic Garden can be visited practically every day of the year and, in fact, there is no better time than another.

Indeed, for nature lovers it is advisable to visit it several times during the year to admire the numerous and wonderful blooms of the different species.

To make the visit really perfect, during the winter it is better to plan it in the morning to enjoy the beautiful sun that rises to the east.

During the summer, however, it is advisable to visit the garden early in the morning or in the afternoon, before sunset, to avoid the hottest hours.


How to get there

The exact address of the Garden is: via Madonna della Ruota, 1 Bordighera IM

Coming from the centre of Bordighera, the Pallanca Exotic Garden is located after the Grand Hotel del Mare.

After passing the Punta Migliarese tunnel, you cannot fail to notice the entrance on the left.

Finding parking in the area is very simple.

Next to the garden there is a convenient bus stop of the Sanremo-Ventimiglia line

Times and prices

Open from 9.00 to 17.00 from Tuesday to Sunday.

Closed Mondays.

Annual closing from November 5 to December 5

Visiting time

1h minimum


Normal Ticket: 6€

Reduced Ticket: 5€

(Groups min. 10 px)

There are no guided tours at the Pallanca Exotic Garden, but an exhaustive explanatory guide is given at the entrance and each area is numbered.



Now that you have reached the end of this guide to the Pallanca Exotic Garden , you will know exactly what to expect from this wonderful monument to nature.

For all travelers who choose Bordighera I recommend a visit to the exotic garden Pallanca, to admire these spectacular plants that you can rarely see all together, to enjoy a breathtaking panorama and to take beautiful photos.

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