Finale Ligure is much more than a simple tourist resort in Western Liguria. In fact it is a much more varied reality: in a few kilometers different scenarios all very different from each other come together.

The Finale area, is made up of a handful of villages characterized by their peculiarities: the three main ones are the best known by the general public, the others, for many, are still to be discovered.

This particular territory represents one of the most visited tourist destinations in Liguria.

Generally, travelers who choose Finale Ligure are divided into two broad categories: lovers of a particular niche who choose this area for a themed holiday or, on the other side, those who love to discover something new every day.


The great fame of Finale Ligure is historically due to seaside tourism: the two places that welcome lovers of the sea and sunbathing are Finalmarina and Finalpia. Here, long beaches with umbrellas, lively clubs, a promenade full of palm trees and many accommodations and hotels for all tastes and budgets await you.

Behind the coastal resorts you will find two charming inland Ligurian villages: Finalborgo and Varigotti.

And right here for a few years thousands of adrenaline sports enthusiasts have come to spend their holidays in the name of their favorite sport, whether it is riding a mountain bike or climbing a rocky wall hanging from a rope.

In short, Finale Ligure is a destination in Liguria with a thousand faces, capable of satisfying multiple types of travelers. With this guide you will discover everything there is to know about this wonderful area.

What to see in Finale Ligure

To enjoy a stay full of experiences, glimpses and panoramas in Finale Ligure it is important to move and go and look for all that this wonderful area has to offer.

In addition to Finalmarina and the seaside life, there are many other things to discover: hidden beaches, fascinating corners of the villages and adventures along the inland paths.



Finalmarina is the most modern and recent part of Finale Ligure even if it maintains its charm of a Ligurian seaside village full of authentic views and evidence of traditional Ligurian architecture.

This is where most of the tourism in the area is concentrated, especially the seaside one, attracted by the main attractions of the summer season: the beaches full of services and entertainment, the numerous bars and restaurants where you can organize a romantic dinner or drink a fresh cocktail with friends afterwards. dinner.



Finalborgo, included in the list of the most beautiful villages in Italy, is the most interesting of the centers of Finale Ligure. This ancient village that has managed to preserve itself over time from massive urbanization thanks to its position set back from the sea.

The village has been protected over the centuries by a wall that is still well preserved and visible today. Inside you can visit Castel San Giovanni, the church of San Biagio, whose bell tower is the symbol of Finalborgo. And then historic buildings, monumental gates, elegant squares as well as the Archaeological Museum of Finale.

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“Liguria Saracen Village” is the nickname that has been given to Varigotti over the years. In fact, there is no evidence that the coastal village had any connection with the Saracens.

But looking at these houses, with the classic bright colors typical of the Ligurian Riviera, aligned with the sandy beach, somehow a place in the Arab countries comes to mind.

Whether it reminds you of a more exotic destination or not, the advice is to come and discover Varigotti and maybe spend a nice afternoon on its sunny beach.

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Finale Ligure beaches


The coast of Finale Ligure is a beautiful stretch of coast of Liguria that is very fascinating and varied.

The 8 km of coastline along which the territory of Finale Ligure overlooks the sea is full of many sandy beaches that follow one another between cliffs and headlands.

Along the entire coast of Finale, the sea is clean and blue: like many other places in Liguria, in fact, Finale Ligure has been awarded the blue flag, which represents the European recognition for cities with the cleanest sea.

In addition to spacious and quiet free beaches in Finale Ligure you can also find quality bathing services and inviting beach restaurants.

Finalmarina beach

Finalmarina Beach is the most famous and popular beach in the city where you can find both bathing establishments with all the best services, and free beaches where you can spend a day at the beach in absolute freedom.

This stretch of coast is right next to the town and is therefore very easy to reach. Here you will find many cozy places where you can be pampered during the day, at sunset for an aperitif or even in the evening.

Finalpia beach

From the beach of Finalmarina continue to the beach of Finalpia: here too the free beaches alternate with the bathing establishments. Here, too, you will find all the comforts of the central coast but the beaches are a little smaller.

Varigotti beach

Varigotti beach is considered the most fascinating and the most reserved in Finale Ligure: this beach is in fact frequented by VIPs and in any case by those looking for a certain privacy and relaxation.

This stretch of coast is sandy but with small round pebbles and the seabed becomes deep rather quickly. Here too you will find equipped beaches alternating with free beaches.

Here the contrast between the beach and the Saracen village of Varigotti is very picturesque and photographed.

Bay of Saracens

The Baia dei Saraceni is considered one of the best beaches in Liguria and it is a must during your stay in the Finale area.

Both the Baia dei Saraceni and the Malpasso beach are in the stretch between Punta Crena and Capo Noli.

This beach is also made up of sand mixed with round pebbles. Its charm, as well as for its blue waters, is due to the luxuriant surrounding nature and the slightly wild aspect.

Easy to reach, the Via Aurelia passes right behind the beach.

Punta Crena beach

Punta Crena beach is also mentioned among the best sandy beaches of Liguria and without beam it is worth a visit.

This beach was formed over the centuries by the erosion of the rock and is set in a hidden corner of the coast.

Very suggestive but also difficult to reach: you can take a path that descends from the promontory or reach it by swimming perhaps with the help of a mat or a pedal boat.

San Donato beach

San Donato beach is located between Capo della Colombera and Capo di San Donato, from which it dominates the watchtower.

In this suggestive little beach there are a couple of bathing establishments and a stretch of free beach. Quiet and peaceful, the beach of San Donato is definitely worth a visit.

Where sleeping in Finale Ligure

To give you some advice on where to stay in Finale Ligure, you need to understand the type of holiday you want to do.

For a holiday dedicated to sunbathing on the beach, the best choice is undoubtedly the area of Finalmarina, where most of the hotels and apartments with sea views are located a stone’s throw from the beach.

If yours is a sporting holiday dedicated to climbing or mountain biking, you can opt for a B&B or a farmhouse even a few kilometers away from the beach.

If, on the other hand, you are here for a romantic and relaxing stay, you can choose between the accommodations in Varigotti and Finalborgo.

How to get to Finale Ligure

Reaching Finale Ligure is very simple.

Along the A10, the Genoa-Ventimiglia motorway, there is the Finale Ligure exit. From the toll booth, in a few minutes, you can reach all the towns in the Finale area.

The train is just as comfortable. Virtually all trains on the Genoa-Ventimiglia line stop in Finale Ligure and the station is in the city center.

The nearest airport is the Genoa airport.

Photographs of Finale Ligure

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