The name Balzi Rossi is well known among lovers of the Italian Riviera and the French Riviera.

Often this name does not evoke in all the same idea, the same concept.

In fact, lovers of history associate the name Balzi Rossi with prehistoric man. Sunbathers have heard of a remote beach where you can relax. Foodies, on the other hand, have a place in mind to savor the wonders of gastronomy.

So what are Balzi Rossi?

In this guide you will discover everything there is to know about this little paradise from every possible point of view and all the reasons why you absolutely must not miss this little paradise during your stay in Liguria or on the French Riviera.


Il sito Archeologico dei Balzi Rossi

Quello dei Balzi Rossi è uno dei siti archeologici più importanti del Mediterraneo e costituisce uno dei monumenti più rappresentativi della storia dell’uomo in Europa.

Qui le ricerche archeologiche sono stati avviate nella prima metà dell’Ottocento e vanno avanti da due secoli.

Per celebrare l’importanza di questo sito archeologico è stato costruito un museo nazionale già voluto nel 1898 da Thomas Hanbury (lo stesso che fece costruire la celebre villa con i giardini poco distante) e completato nel suo allestimento definitivo nel 1994.

Negli edifici del museo del Balzi Rossi sono esposti incredibili gli reperti, vecchi di 25000 anni, rinvenuti durante le ricerche: molti utensili che accompagnavano la vita quotidiana degli uomini preistorici come lame e punte di freccia, icone e piccole statue, le cosiddette “Veneri”, oltre alla famosa triplice sepoltura che comprende gli scheletri di un homo sapiens adulto e 2 più giovani.

Un percorso attrezzato consente infine di visitare le enormi grotte alle spalle del museo.


Balzi Rossi Beach

At the foot of the museum and cave opens, on the sea, a wonderful coastal stretch that is considered one of the best beaches on the Italian Riviera.

This stretch of sea consists of a first rocky part, open free to the public, and the so-called “Spiaggia delle Uova”, open to the public but privately managed.

Both the public and the private parts are characterized by crystalline water and a seabed that immediately goes down to the depths that allow you to enjoy pleasant dives in the Ligurian Sea.

spiaggia delle uova

Spiaggia delle Uova

The “Spiaggia delle Uova” is named after the particular shape of the pebbles that cover it: white, perfectly smooth rock balls that resemble eggs.

And it is a paradise: white sunbeds and umbrellas, elegant and discreet; a gourmet restaurant (with a card specializing in fish dishes) ready to give way, at sunset, to a lounge-bar by the sea; Spa trails, yoga and water-fitness classes, even the tender service to land ashore directly from the boats.

A meeting place for artists, writers and what was once labeled as “the beautiful world”, it is an exclusive place (reservations are recommended, even for the beach) of a high standard, not exactly suitable for all budgets.


The Balzi Rossi Restaurant

Lovers of good food will instead know the historic and noble Balzi Rossi restaurant which over the years has come to be considered the best restaurant in Liguria and one of the best in Italy.

In recent years the Beglia family has renovated the place making it even more elegant modern and refined.

The breathtaking view of the Gulf of Menton is a perfect setting for top-notch cuisine that draws inspiration from the raw materials of the territory and the Ligurian tradition. But the dishes are reinterpreted enriched with refined reworkings and in search of unusual and inspired harmonies.


How to Get to the Balzi Rossi

The Balzi Rossi area is located a stone’s throw from the border between Italy and France, the border of Ponte San Ludovico.

The car is recommended to get there.

Your most comfortable motorway exits are Ventimiglia or Menton.

Between Ponte San Ludovico and the Balzi Rossi there is a convenient free parking area where you can leave your car. To reach the points of interest you then have to take a small pedestrian road bordered by a bar.

This is where the Paradise of the Balzi Rossi begins.

ponte san ludovico


Now that you have reached the end of this guide on the Balzi Rossi I would know exactly what to expect from this magnificent setting.

Whether you want to take a historic and cultural trip, discover an enchanted place to bathe, eat at Gran Gourmet, a visit to this magnificent Paradise I recommend it to all travelers who want to discover Italian Riviera.

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