Liguria is famous all over the world for the beauty of its beaches and for its extraordinary climate all year round. Discover here all the secrets of this wonderful land!

Liguria is a land of incredibly varied panoramas, full of hidden wonders that are often not found in normal tourist guides.

Italian is an online travel guide about Liguria where you can find the main places of interest, activities not to be missed and tips for organizing your visit.

Here you will find all the information to discover the countless beaches of Liguria, the surprising hinterland and the many medieval villages with which it is dotted.

You will discover the sweetness and tranquility of the lifestyle that you live on the Ligurian Riviera: the climate, mild in winter and cool in summer, combined with a food simple, genuine and tasty products make this strip of land on the sea a paradise one step away from the largest cities in northern Italy.

The most beautiful villages and towns on the Italian Riviera, which one to choose.

Liguria is a land full of beautiful places to visit, live and explore. Many villages and cities that have features and attractions also very different from each other.

The complete guide on the best beaches of the Italian Riviera.

Liguria has a varied coastline between rocky coastlines, sandy beaches with pebbles and beaches set in real natural frames for truly magical scenery.

Cities not to be missed


Bordighera is a city on a human scale, alive but not chaotic, where easily make friends at the beach, park or cafés of the old town.


In Portofino, the clear sea reflects the pastel colors of the facades, the sky and the nature surrounding the village. All in perfect harmony.


The town of the Dorias.


Beauty has no boundaries.

Porto Venere

A enchantment on the sea.

Most popular attractions and points of interest in Liguria

Places of the heart.

Genoa Aquarium

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Hanbury Gardens

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Pallanca Garden

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Balzi Rossi

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Accommodations in Liguria

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